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Keezhillam P.O | Perumbavoor | Ernakulam | Kerala | 683541

Keezhillam P.O | Perumbavoor | Ernakulam | Kerala | 683541

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Keezhillam P.O | Perumbavoor | Ernakulam | Kerala | 683541

Keezhillam P.O | Perumbavoor | Ernakulam | Kerala | 683541

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When I turned 50, I decided to experience an Ayurvedic detox, which brought me to PVM. I must confess that it has been a wonderful 2 weeks. Very peaceful environment, Courteous staff and both the doctors are great hosts too! I am told one should repeat the 14-day detox for 3 years, which I very much wish and intend to do. Best wishes

Jayanth & Ami Murthy

We came to PVM highly recommended by one of our relatives. We had a restful great Time from Jan 29 to Feb 5. Thanks to Dr. Wilson Dr. Neeta & Dr. Paul for the special care and spending time with us every day. We enjoyed our conversation. Thank you for accommodating my personal diet needs. Abdul's Service was great - and friendly.

Jacob & Molly Korah

I heard this Hospital through my brother Shri great pleasure to state that stay at PVM Hospital under the care of Dr. Wilson & Dr. Neeta Wilson was very good. We came here first time for treatment, we stayed here two weeks. The two week we spent here was excellent. It was stayed hospital. Part a homely we will miss this place and hope we will have the Chance to come again here. The Staff Lia, Sasikala and Abdu and other aged untie were very hospitality and helped us in every way. Especially thanks to the loved doctors Dr.Wilson and Dr.Neeta wilson.

Mr. Velu & Mrs. Sumitra Velu

We would like to thank to Dr Wilson, Dr Neeta and all the staff for the kindness & hospitality during our stay at P.V.M. Hospital for the days (21st Nov - 11 Dec 2012). After the Ayurveda treatment I feel relief from the Back Pain which I had been suffered for years. Iam Very appreciated all that have been done to me during the treatment We do feel comfortable to stay at P.V.M Hospital because it has such a good and peaceful environment. We will miss this place and do hope we will have the chance to come again Thank - you again to Dr. Wilson & Dr. Neeta for Spending such a wonderful time with us Wishing you have a prosperous future.

Smandy Louis & Netty Hadiputra

From last one year 9 months, I have been suffering from severe spondylitis. One of my friends told me about PVM Hospital. We came here on 21-01-2020 and met with Dr Wilson and Dr Neeta. Both of them were very caring, friendly and loving in nature. What they did for me was affected. I feel much better from my spondylitis problem. I am thankful for all the treatments received. I also recommend to all the Andaman people who are suffering from spondylitis issues to PVM hospital. Once again thanks to Dr. Wilson and Dr. Neeta and the entire hospital team for caring and good treatment. Hope I will keep in touch with both of you in future.

Fx. Anthony Baxuah

It's our great Pleasure to be treated in PVM hospital by Dr. Neeta and Dr. Wilson in Kerala.We had great time all. Staff was very friendly and ready to help any time. We like treatment Very much food and hospitality given by them. Doctor is very friendly it makes your stay comfortable and relaxing and main part is Cost. So I will advice reasonable my friends and family member to come here and relax and enjoy your treatment.

Pratibha Avinash Nauk

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